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OSB Digital, LLC Verificado

Accelerating Your Business

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We are a company that integrates People, Business Process and the latest technologies to align with your business plans and improve your production, quality, asset availability, energy and water specific consumption minimization, environmental, and safety reporting.

Our template strategy creates a Production Variance model for Monitoring and Analysis to detect Production and Major Operating Costs losses. Thus, creating an Overall Production Effectiveness metric for the industrial plant.
It enables the transformation of huge amounts of unusable data into InFORMAtion to generate additional Operating Insights, Predictive Models and integrate with Business Intelligence Tools such as MS PowerBI, Seed Advanced Analytics and AWS Quick sight.

It accelerates your enterprise digital business transformation by having a standard strategy to deploy at all operating sites to manage you Overall Production Effectiveness using self-service tools such as PowerBI. As such, production constraints become evident to define ways to debottleneck the plant, reduce operating costs, improve equipment availability, improve process control, improve products quality control and simplify compliance with environmental and safety regulations. You people get engaged very quickly by allowing them to be part of the digital transformation with the new technologies.

Many satisfied customers have achievement historical production records by avoiding constraints and focusing on the major continuous improvement actions items created by the advice using the Process Advisor strategy.

The classified information is used to create Predictive Analytics Models running in real time proactive notifications and suggesting changes for advancing towards a coordinated operation considering the operating capabilities of all the process units involved in transforming raw materials into valuable products to your customers.

The Digital Template integrates your production plan with the operation execution. As such, creating a feedback loop for continuous improvement and innovation.

7 steps are used to achieve it:

  1. Business Discovery planning
  2. Digital Plant Template configuration
  3. Detection of Major Operating Hidden losses using Business Intelligence Tools
  4. Production Modeling using the Operational Information after data cleansing
  5. Generating of Predictive Models for asset optimization
  6. Implementation at the Competence Center and at the Local Plants.
  7. Continuous remote coaching for adapting the strategy over time.

Training Program:

  • Training on Systems Engineering, Business Processes and Teams Collaboration.
  • Training on Production Modeling using Production Model Unit, Inventory Model, Transmission
  • Training on MS PowerBI and Seeq Operational assessment dashboards Templates
  • Training on Data Extraction and Analysis using Predictive Analytics Tools

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